A ‘ridiculous’ trade proposal has the Lakers acquiring a Pistons star in exchange for two players.


A ‘ridiculous’ trade proposal has the Lakers acquiring a Pistons star in exchange for two players.

The Los Angeles Lakers aren’t one of the NBA’s worst teams, but they haven’t played up to expectations this season.

The team is currently in seventh place in the Western Conference standings and has suffered some particularly dreadful defeats.

Given all of the new pieces they’ve added, it’s not surprising that the team is having trouble.

However, the extent to which they are struggling is alarming.

If the Lakers’ season continues in this direction, they may need to retool their roster.

In the Russell Westbrook trade, the team gave up the majority of its tradeable assets, but they still have some intriguing pieces.

Bleacher Report’s Eric Pincus proposed a “ridiculous” trade that would send Talen Horton-Tucker and Wayne Ellington to the Detroit Pistons in exchange for Jerami Grant and Rodney McGruder:

The Pistons aren’t in the playoffs, and Grant’s contract only has one year left on it (he’ll make (dollar)21 million in 2022-23).

If Detroit does not intend to reinvest as the rebuild progresses, Weaver may opt for a different path.

Horton-Tucker hasn’t played for the majority of the season due to a thumb injury, but he’s a young, aggressive scoring guard with a reasonable contract.

Nunn is a gifted young ballhandler who has missed time this season due to a knee injury.

The deal wouldn’t be legal until after January 15, so both Lakers should have plenty of time to prove themselves on the court before then.

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Grant Would Fit In Well With The Lakers

The Lakers will be irritated by the prospect of trading Horton-Tucker, but he is their best trade asset.

Grant might also be a good fit in Los Angeles.

If the Lakers were to trade for him, Anthony Davis would almost certainly be forced to play center full-time.

Grant would be the starter at power forward.

The ability on defense would be the most appealing aspect of adding him.

Grant is known for his defensive prowess, and he’s recently developed some offensive skills.

Last season, he was a finalist for the Most Improved Player award after averaging 22.3 points for the Pistons.

He’s a solid player who could fill in nicely for the Lakers in a supporting role.

In the event that

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