After the Bucs’ loss, Tom Brady speaks out about the rushing media.


After a loss, Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady speaks out about the rushing press.

Tom Brady of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers spoke more about Sunday’s heartbreaking loss on Monday than he did during his brief postgame press conference.

When Brady spoke with host Jim Gray on his podcast, Let’s Go!, on Monday, he wasn’t completely over the loss.

The seven-time Super Bowl champion joked that the podcast should be moved to Friday because “Mondays after losses are a pain.”

On the podcast, Brady said, “I think that’s a real challenge for me, especially as I’ve gotten older because the expectations are so high.”

“It’s a relief when you win, and it’s a real disappointment when you lose,” he says.

Brady was chastised for holding a one-minute, 43-second press conference on Sunday.

From the number of words he spoke to the temperature he was dressed for, NBC Sports Washington dug into the numbers of his brief appearance.

The entire press conference with Tom Brady lasted 1 minute and 43 seconds.

@gregauman can be heard pleading with him to stay.

I asked if he could tell us about his feelings.

He stated, “I like to win.” pic.twitter.comDHXxvg021N

14 November 2021, JennaLaineESPN (@JennaLaineESPN)

Brady hinted that his quick approach was about dealing with the situation before gaining perspective.

“So, sometimes you miss the joy in this,” Brady explained, “and I have to be reminded of the joy of playing, and that takes a little perspective.”

“However, it’s difficult when you’re in the middle of a battle.”

Brady’s Loss Analysis

During the Let’s Go! podcast, Brady described watching the Washington loss film as “like rehearsing the bad again.”

With two interceptions in the first quarter, Brady’s situation appeared to be hopeless.

Aside from that, the Bucs had to punt twice and kick two field goals before Brady could get them in the end zone.

That didn’t happen until the third quarter, when Cameron Brate scored a 6-yard touchdown.

It’s a three-point game now, thanks to Tom Brady and Cameron Brate.


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November 14, 2021 — Morning Blitz (@Morning_Blitz)

“In the second half, we played a little better — not a lot better,” Brady said to Gray.

In the loss, Brady stated that Washington “played exactly how they wanted to play” and that the Buccaneers “didn’t do the things that we needed to do.”

Washington, he said, was a difficult defense to play against.

“We had quite a bit…

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