Ariana Madix Has Been Charged With Having a Fake Face


Ariana Madix Has Been Charged With Having a Fake Face

On November 14, 2021, Ariana Madix was the subject of a Reddit thread in which a fan inquired about the type of work she had done to her face (if any).

The original poster was “shocked” by how much Madix’s face appeared to have changed over the course of the “Vanderpump Rules” seasons, and posted on the forum.

Madix actually responded on Reddit, which surprised a lot of people.

“I’m on season 8, and I believe they showed a flashback at one point, and I’m amazed at how much her (and everyone else’s) face has changed!! Her change has been subtle, so it didn’t jump out at me right away.

I’m not sure what she did…she looks great and still looks like ‘herself,’ but I’m not sure,” the thread began.

Madix, who has been open about her mental health and body image in the past, responded to the thread in an apparent attempt to quell the rumors.

Here’s what you should be aware of:

Madix claimed that ‘Cheek Comments Are Triggering’ and that she has not had any facial plastic surgery.

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Several fans appeared to agree with the Original Poster, with many also believing that Madix’s face has changed dramatically over time.

One Redditor remarked, “Ariana doesn’t look the same to me.”

“That’s right.

In the cheeks, filler.

“This season, I noticed it right away,” said another.

A third comment read, “I have no idea but she definitely has that filler look.”

Madix decided to clarify the situation shortly after the post went viral on the “Vanderpump Rules” subreddit.

“Hello, my name is XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

I’ve never had any filler put in anywhere but my lips, and comments about my cheeks irritate me greatly.

I’ll always tell people what I’ve done! I had the Ellevate procedure for my neck, and I love it.

“I’ve had Botox in the crows feet area here and there, but it feels really constricting to my expressions, so I don’t do it more than once a year or so,” Madix said.

“On my lips, I got just a smidgeon of filler to fill in my wrinkles because I’ve been really bad about…

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