Arthur Smith, the Falcons’ head coach, dodges a question about Mac Jones, the Patriots’ quarterback.


Arthur Smith, the Falcons’ head coach, dodges a question about Mac Jones, the Patriots’ quarterback.

The Atlanta Falcons host the New England Patriots on Thursday night.

Both teams have a short week to prepare after the Falcons’ humiliating 43-3 loss to the Dallas Cowboys.

Meanwhile, the New England Patriots, led by rookie quarterback Mac Jones, will try to keep their winning streak alive after thrashing the Cleveland Browns.

Inevitably, Jones was brought up in Monday’s press conference by Falcons head coach Arthur Smith.

Miles Garrett (not to be confused with Browns defensive end ‘Myles Garrett’) of FOX 5 asked Smith how Jones “compared to some other rookie quarterbacks in this class.”

Respectfully, Smith declined to respond to that question, stating that he did not want to be “caught in an Old Takes Exposed” tweet later on, which is a Twitter account with over half a million followers dedicated to exposing bad takes.

I asked Arthur Smith about Mac Jones’ performance in comparison to some of the other rookie quarterbacks in this class today.

He declined to respond, claiming that he does not want to be caught in another @OldTakesExposed in a few years.

I accept the outcome.

15 November 2021 — Miles Garrett (@MilesGarrettTV)

Jones leads the rookie quarterbacks with 2,333 passing yards, 13 touchdowns to seven interceptions, and a QB rating of 51.1, so that’s probably a good way to answer a question like that.

Jones has outperformed the other rookie quarterbacks so far this season, with a rating of 34 or lower as of Week 11.

Jones threw three touchdowns and zero interceptions in the Patriots’ 45-7 Week 10 win.

Matt Ryan, the Falcons’ 14-year NFL veteran, completed just 9 of 21 passes for 117 yards and two interceptions, finishing with a career-low passer rating of 21.4.

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What Smith and Ryan Said About Jones

The Patriots selected the former Alabama quarterback with the No. 1 overall pick.

In March, I was ranked 15th overall.

He spent training camp battling Cam Newton for the starting job, which he eventually won.

Newton, on the other hand, returned to Carolina last week.

Smith said on Monday, November 15, “He’s smart, he’s efficient.”

“He’s working on a…

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