Astrid Loch and Kevin Wendt Share Photos of Their Baby’s Nursery:


Astrid Loch and Kevin Wendt Share Photos of Their Baby’s Nursery:

Astrid Loch and Kevin Wendt can cross the nursery off their to-do list for their baby.

Kevin’s November 7th Instagram post teased the newborn’s impending arrival, so the “Bachelor in Paradise” couple is ready to welcome their baby, who appears to be overdue.

According to Us Weekly, Astrid joked to fans in September, “Nursery update: there is no update.”

“Furniture is taking a long time to arrive,” she continued, “but all of the little things have arrived.”

But, two months later, everything is finished.

Astrid credited West Coast Kids for completing the nursery ahead of baby Wendt’s birth in a People blog post.

Before the baby arrives, the expectant mother says she intends to “spend as much time in the nursery soaking up the peace and quiet.”

She continued, “It’s quickly become my favorite room in the house.”

On ‘Bachelor in Paradise,’ Astrid teased that the nursery theme was inspired by the couple’s first meeting.

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ASTRID LOCH (@astridloch) shared a post.

Astrid and Kevin met on the “Bachelor in Paradise” beach in Mexico in 2018, it’s no surprise that they decided to decorate their baby’s nursery with a nautical theme.

The two posed in the light-filled room, which features neutral grey and white striped walls, wicker baskets, a white crib, and a slate blue dresser, in a series of Instagram photos.

The photos also show boat and lighthouse décor, a whale-shaped piggy bank, and a cozy chair nook in the room.

A white rocker with a blue and white plaid pillow sits beneath a book rack with the words “One more bedtime story” written on it.

Kevin commented on Astrid’s post, pointing to the row of children’s books, saying, “I should pre-read some of those books tonight, just to make sure no words are too tough.”

“I’m determined to make a positive first impression.”

Over the crib, there’s also a wicker whale and a fish–themed mobile.

A photo of the baby’s closet reveals a well-organized space with shelving and hanging space, as well as gender-neutral shoes and onesies.

Astrid included several brands in her post, including Baby Letto, Timberwood Designs, Playtex, Kate Spade, and others, that she used in her baby’s nursery.

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