Dan Campbell explains why Jared Goff gives the Lions their “best chance” at victory.


Jared Goff Gives Lions ‘Best Chance to Win,’ According to Dan Campbell

In Week 10, Jared Goff had yet another rocky performance on the field, prompting some to wonder if the team should look for a new quarterback in the coming weeks.

Despite this, no change appears to be on the horizon.

On Monday, November 15, Detroit Lions coach Dan Campbell was asked about Goff’s status moving forward.

As he admitted, there isn’t going to be any change in the near future.

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Campbell was asked about the plan moving forward in an interview with the media on Monday, November 15, and admitted that he didn’t believe Goff was the right person to lead the team forward.

The following is a clip from WXYZ’s Brad Galli:

Why is Jared Goff still the Lions starting quarterback, according to Dan Campbell?

He said, “It’s hard to say he shouldn’t be the guy right now.”

“Our protection breaks down every time we try to throw it.” pic.twitter.comSXVaJJbEub

November 15, 2021 — Brad Galli (@BradGalli)

“It’s difficult to argue that he shouldn’t be the guy at this point.”

It’s difficult to say that, man.

Because, once again, our protection fails every time we try to throw it and drop back.

So, until we can do things right around him, there are some throws we’d like to see him make.

We threw a dart at Kalif (Raymond) that he should make, and he’s pissed off about it as well.

But, in the end, I believe he is the person who gives us the best chance right now.”

Fans may not like it, but Goff is expected to remain at quarterback, according to the coach.

Goff’s Injury Status, According to Campbell

Goff’s struggles this weekend were exacerbated by not only the sloppy conditions, but also an injury he sustained during the game.

Goff continued to play because, according to the coach, he gave Detroit the best chance to win at the time and did not want to come out.

Even though it appeared to be a mistake at the time, it was how things turned out in the end.

Goff was getting checked out, Campbell said on Monday, but he did…

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