Darrel Williams of the Kansas City Chiefs mocks Raiders linebacker Jonathan Abrams following their rout.


Darrel Williams of the Chiefs mocks Raiders linebacker Jonathan Abrams after a rout.

In a 41-14 win over the division rival Las Vegas Raiders in Week 10, Kansas City Chiefs running back Darrel Williams had a career game.

Williams gained 43 yards on 11 carries, but he also had nine catches for 101 yards and a touchdown.

The receiving yardage total is more than half of what he’s accumulated through the air in a single season thus far in his career, with his previous season high of 167 yards coming in 2019.

Williams has 271 receiving yards on 31 catches so far this season, according to Pro Football Reference.

A 38-yard touchdown pass from quarterback Patrick Mahomes in the fourth quarter, in which Williams had to leap over Raiders safety Jonathan Abrams to come down in the end zone with the contested catch, was part of Williams’ big day through the air.

Patrick Mahomes breaks the pocket, rushes forward, and throws the ball to Darrel Williams, who somehow catches it in the endzone on a contested catch.

PAT performs admirably.

Chiefs – 34, Raiders – 14 pic.twitter.com/comolZitE4uG5

— November 15, 2021, Devon Clements (@DevclemNFL)

For someone like Abrams, who should never give up a catch like that to a running back, the catch was demoralizing.

To make matters worse, after the rout, Williams trolled Abrams on social media.

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Williams shares a photo of TD on his social media page.

Following the win, Williams shared a photo of himself catching the touchdown pass over Abrams on Twitter, along with two happy devil emojis as a caption.

uZ6XAF446V (@uZ6XAF446V) (@uZ6XAF446V) (@uZ6X

November 15, 2021 — darrel williams (@darrelwilliams_)

The post was most likely not a dig at Abrams, but rather a celebration of a great moment in his career.

Nonetheless, it was an unintentional troll job by Williams.

Big Red’s Thoughts on Williams’ Show

Head coach Andy Reid discussed how Williams’ physicality in the backfield affects the play of those around him during his press conference on Monday, November 15th.

“You can see the defensive guys getting a hold of it.”

It excites the offensive players.

“The linemen love it because they’re out there fighting for every snap and trying to make it happen,” Reid explained.


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