Darrelle Revis Fan Gets Chance to Shine As Jets Rookie Is Likely Headed to IR


Darrelle Revis Fan Gets Chance to Shine With Jets Rookie Likely Headed to IR

The New York Jets’ injury bug continues to plague them in the 2021 season.

On Sunday, they were handed their tuchus by a divisional foe, the Buffalo Bills, who defeated them 45-17.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, they also lost a key secondary player.

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Another humiliating defeat for the defense’s back end

Jets head coach Robert Saleh began his Monday press conference with an injury report and some difficult news to deliver.

With a quad injury, Gang Green rookie cornerback Brandin Echols will be out for three to five weeks.

That means he’ll almost certainly be placed on injured reserve, where he’ll have to miss a minimum of three games, but it could be more, and if the initial diagnosis is correct, he’ll almost certainly miss more.

With the slew of injuries the Jets have had, especially in the secondary, that move will give them maximum roster flexibility.

CB Brandin Echols is expected to miss 3-5 weeks due to a quad injury, according to coach Saleh. pic.twitter.com4sHDX1QbHF

November 15, 2021 — New York Jets (@nyjets)

This past spring, the Jets’ front office threw Echols as a day three dart throw.

He was the top dog.

Kentucky’s No. 200 overall pick in the NFL draft in 2021.

Despite his humble beginnings, the youngster earned a starting position and held it for the first nine games of the season.

Echols had four pass deflections and 41 combined tackles in those games, and he showed a lot of guts.

He wasn’t perfect by any means; he was baptized a few times by Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs this past weekend before his injury, but you have to admire what a sixth-round pick has accomplished.

The majority of late-round draft picks never make an NFL roster, much less contribute at this level.

In this scheme, Echols has a bright future as a rotational corner at worst.

Some In-House Substitutes to Consider

This is yet another setback for the secondary.

Every NFL team deals with injuries, but the Jets seem to have been bitten by a snake this year.

Instead of going, with Echols gone…

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