‘Don’t Do That S*** Again,’ Michael Irvin advises Dak Prescott.


‘Don’t Do That S*** Again,’ Michael Irvin advises Dak Prescott.

Dak Prescott is drawing fire from the most unlikely of places, and for the most unlikely of reasons.

“We don’t need that TD that bad bro!! @dak don’t do that s*** again!!!! WE NEED YOU HEALTHY!!!!” tweeted NFL legend Michael Irvin on Sunday.

During Dallas’ Week 10 thrashing of the Atlanta Falcons, Irvin was reacting in real time to Prescott’s rushing touchdown.

The touchdown, a four-yard improvised sneak on 4th-and-2 with the Cowboys leading 36-3, came near the end of the third quarter.

Prescott was met by Atlanta bodies near the goal line, but he willed his way into the end zone, capping a record-breaking win.

It was probably not the best move for a (dollar)160 million franchise quarterback who had just returned from calf, shoulder, and ankle injuries and should have been on the bench by that point.

But it meant more than seven insignificant points.

Prescott said after the game, via Yahoo Sports, “I had to re-establish some toughness.”

“At that point, I was about to dive and realized I had the defender squared up because I didn’t want the ball to go off a guy’s leg or anything like that.”

Yes, it’s goal-line territory at this point.

I told you guys earlier this year that I’m going to go back to my instincts and get the touchdown or first down on certain plays and positions on the field.

“However, it must be done in a wise manner.”

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Dak’s TD Reaction: Zeke

After breaking the plane for the final time on Sunday, Prescott would be benched in favor of backup quarterback Cooper Rush.

In the 43-3 rout, the two-time Pro Bowl quarterback threw for 301 total yards (296 passing) and three combined touchdowns (two passing).

Running back Ezekiel Elliott, who scored twice on 14 carries and had a front-row seat as Prescott followed suit, sacrificing himself in the process, gave him an extra boost.

“I noticed something.”

Dak is a big guy, and those DBs are a bit smaller.

“Maybe don’t want him doing that when we’re up 40,” Elliott said after the game, according to Yahoo Sports.

“After that drive, I said something to him, jokingly.

What do you think he’ll do if you put him on the spot, one-on-one?

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