James Harden’s wacky trade proposal sends the superstar to the West Coast.


A wacky James Harden trade proposal sends the superstar to the West Coast.

After a shaky start, the Brooklyn Nets are settling in, and Kevin Durant is looking like he could be the best player in the NBA.

However, Durant’s supporting cast is currently lacking, and fellow star James Harden has struggled early on, but there are some encouraging signs that he is improving.

However, keep in mind that the Nets will be without Kyrie Irving this season, so they might not want to wait too long for everyone to reach their full potential.

Perhaps the Nets would benefit from a blockbuster trade, especially if Harden appears to be losing ground.

So far this season, it appears that the Nets perform better when only one of their stars is on the court rather than both of them.

Although this is a small sample size, it could be cause for concern for a team aiming for a championship.

Instead of trading Kyrie Irving, the team may need to send Harden away.

A recent Bleacher Report article discusses a “bizarre” trade proposal that could benefit both parties.

BR suggests going after CJ McCollum instead of swinging for the fences and landing Damian Lillard.

Is This a Possibility?

McCollum, like Harden, has shown he can play both guard positions, and his shooting splits are better than Harden’s to begin the season, but there’s no way of knowing if that will continue.

Harden’s departure seems strange, especially given Durant’s friendship with him, but the Nets may have to consider it if his struggles continue.

Here’s what BR has to say about it:

James Harden and Jevon Carter are sent by the Nets; CJ McCollum, Robert Covington, and Anfernee Simons are received by the Nets.

On paper, it appears to be a win-win situation for both parties.

When both players are at full strength, Harden is clearly a better player than McCollum, but if the chemistry between him and Durant isn’t there, it could be a losing battle to keep them both on the roster.

The Blazers would get another star to pair with Lillard, which could give them the boost they need to become a true contender in the tough Western Conference…

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