James Worthy, a Hall of Famer, has identified the ‘Virus’ that is destroying the Lakers.


James Worthy, a Hall of Famer, has identified the ‘Virus’ that is destroying the Lakers.

Among all the issues that have plagued the Lakers thus far in the NBA season, whether it’s injuries, shooting, or the team’s lack of chemistry, the one that should be most concerning is the one that keeps costing them game after game: the third quarter.

The Lakers have a poor third-quarter performance.

In the third quarter, they have a minus-89 rating, which is the worst in the NBA. In advanced stats, their offensive rating is 97.9 and their defensive rating is 120.6, giving them a net rating of minus-22.6.

The only team worse than them is the lowly Rockets, who are in 29th place.

Houston, New Orleans, and Detroit, the other three teams at the bottom of the third-quarter standings, have a combined record of 6-36.

It’s almost miraculous that the Lakers can be so bad in the third quarter and still finish above.500.

The Lakers will now focus on their third-quarter performance.

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14 November 2021 — Harrison Faigen (@hmfaigen)

The problems in the third quarter are no small matter for James Worthy, a former Lakers player and analyst.

Worthy called the Lakers’ problem “a virus” after the Lakers were thrashed 37-25 by the Bulls in the third quarter on Monday.

‘You Can’t Take a Break’ is deserving of praise.

Of course, Worthy is a Hall of Famer, seven-time All-Star, and three-time NBA champion with the Los Angeles Lakers.

On Spectrum Sports, he does pregame and postgame commentary for Lakers games.

While many attribute the Lakers’ struggles in the third quarter to the coaching staff, Worthy believes it is up to the players to make a difference:

That’s a smidgeon of a virus.

You are unable to take a break, reboot, or refresh your system.

Coach gives you a third-quarter game plan, but you don’t have the energy—it appears they have more energy in the first half than they do in the third.

We all know the importance of the first and third, particularly the third.

You’ll want to improve a lead if you have one.

You do what you have to do to get some buckets and defense.

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