Low ratings on DWTS are blamed on the talent, according to executives – REPORT


DWTS Executives Blame The Talent For Low Ratings – REPORT

It’s no secret that “Dancing With the Stars” viewers dislike host Tyra Banks, who took over hosting duties in season 29 after Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews left the show.

According to a new report, the show’s low ratings are being blamed on the season 30 talent pool rather than Banks.

Here’s what the insider said, as well as the drop in “Dancing With the Stars” ratings since Bergeron and Andrews were fired.

Executives are’scared’ to discuss ratings with Tyra Banks, according to an insider.

An insider told The Sun that the producers of “Dancing With the Stars” are “too afraid” to blame Banks and the “fellow show boss,” i.e.

Andrew Llinares, who joined the show in season 26, is the executive producer.

According to the source, executives are blaming the low ratings on “talent, not Tyra,” and believe that this year’s contestants do not appeal to viewers in the same way that previous seasons have.

Producers have also chosen not to discuss the ratings at this time, according to the source.

“The network executives, at least at the production level,” the source said, “do not engage on this at all.”

“I get the impression they don’t want to say anything because they brought Tyra in.”

Nobody wants to make a fool of themselves by admitting that there are issues.

It casts a negative light on their choice.

So far, the only point of contention about the problems has been that this year’s talent pool hasn’t appealed to viewers – and that it has nothing to do with Tyra.”

According to The Sun, for the time being, everyone is focused on “making the contestants have the best experiences possible,” rather than worrying about the numbers, and they all “love their jobs,” so no one wants to upset them.

“No one on the production level is speaking up about all the dramas because they love their jobs and the show.”

“They’re all doing their best,” the insider said, “but they hope that all of the issues will be reviewed at some point.”

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