Matthew Stafford’s ‘Trash Comments’ are defended by a Super Bowl-winning quarterback.


Matthew Stafford’s ‘Trash Comments’ are defended by a Super Bowl-winning quarterback.

Matthew Stafford, the quarterback of the Los Angeles Rams, has been the target of mockery and criticism over the last two weeks, a complete 180 from the MVP talk he received when the team was 7-1.

The Rams are on a two-game losing streak, averaging only 13 points per game in their last two games, and Stafford has only thrown two touchdown passes during that time.

On his Tuesday, November 16, appearance on the Pat McAfee Show, one Super Bowl champion quarterback — who was once an NFC North rival to Stafford — chose to defend the Rams’ quarterback.

‘Trash Comments’ Are Called Out By Aaron Rodgers

On his appearance with the popular Sirius XM radio show, Green Bay Packers quarterback and 2011 Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodgers slammed the Stafford haters.

McAfee, who was a punter in the NFL for eight seasons and made the Pro Bowl in 2014 and 2016, brought up the criticism of Stafford to Rodgers first.

“People are calling me, obviously these are not your words, but this is being used as a slam against him.”

People are saying he can’t throw anymore, that he stinks, and that he should be benched,” McAfee said to Rodgers.

Rodgers then went into full-on straight shooter mode against Stafford’s critics.

Rodgers bluntly stated, “Those are trash comments.”

“I’m a huge Stafford supporter.”

I’ve been doing it for a long time.

We’d been playing against him for a long time.

He’s one of the best football throwers of my generation, and I’d put him up there with some of the best throwers in history.”

Despite the fact that Rodgers’ Packers frequently outscored Stafford’s Lions teams (17-5, according to Pro Football Reference), Rodgers has always admired Stafford’s arm strength and grit.

“I’m a huge fan.”

Rodgers said, drawing laughs from the McAfee show, “He’s a tough dude, he’s played through some crazy injuries, I mean, he played in Detroit all those years…you’ve got to be of a base level of mental fortitude already.”

“I’m a huge fan,” says the author.

He’s had a fantastic year.

They’ve won seven straight games and have a record of 7-3.

In his first year in the system, he has performed admirably.

“I’m not here to listen to any Matthew Stafford nonsense.”

“I’m not here for any Matthew Stafford nonsense…

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