New Hope for a ‘Deep Space Nine’ HD Upgrade


New Hope for a ‘Deep Space Nine’ HD Upgrade

For a long time, “Star Trek” fans have been able to watch their favorite shows in high definition.

What used to look dated now appears to be more up to date thanks to technological advancements over the last few decades.

And, in some cases, this means that the older shows will look even better.

According to Wired Magazine, “digitally created images will replace the miniature-scale models used for exterior shots of the various spacecraft on the show, including Kirk’s starship Enterprise and the enemy war vessels of the alien Klingons and Romulans.” It all started in earnest in 2006 when CBS released “Star Trek: The Original Series” with new, updated effects.

These remastered shows were first broadcast on television before being released on DVD. According to Den of Geek, these sets were “fairly light on bonus material, offering the occasional short featurette but nothing overly substantial.”

Remastered Star Trek: The Next Generation

In 2009, Blu-ray versions of TOS were released, bringing the original Trek to life in a way it had never been seen before.

This was due to the fact that the old NTSC broadcast quality (640480 pixels) was inferior to the newer HD standard (19201080 pixels).

Because TOS was shot on film, it was relatively simple to upgrade scenes with the actors, sets, and other scenes that weren’t created using a “blue screen.”

TOS was “filmed” on 35mm film, scanned at high resolution, and resized to HD.

Those 35mm cameras, which were used in Star Trek and other major films, were auctioned off in 2014.

Outtakes and other extras were extremely difficult to include because some of the old 35mm clips were chopped up and sold at conventions by Gene Roddenberry himself.

TNG gets a makeover

CBS Digital film transfer technician Wade Felker said they had to be “very meticulous” when rescanning the old footage for the HD restoration when they released HD versions of “The Next Generation” in 2011.

Because so much of “Star Trek: Enterprise” was shot in high definition, it was released on Blu-ray in March 2013.

“The Animated Series,” which was released on Blu-ray in 2016, was the next to be upgraded.

And because all Paramount(plus) Trek shows are shot in HD, they’re first streamed on the network before being released…

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