PHOTO: ‘Teen Mom’ Dad Is Blamed For ‘Toxic’ Parenting


PHOTO: ‘Teen Mom’ Dad Is Blamed For ‘Toxic’ Parenting

Javi Marroquin, the father of “Teen Mom,” was chastised after celebrating his son’s third birthday.

After Marroquin talked about Eli, his son with ex-girlfriend Lauren Comeau, and his “accomplishments,” some fans were outraged.

On November 15, 2021, Marroquin wrote on Instagram, “Eli is 3! you bring so much joy to life and I cannot wait to continue to watch you grow.”

“Every year, we strive to be better than the year before.”

“I can only imagine what you’ll do at 3,” he continued, “because the amount of accomplishments at 2 were unreal.”

“You’re funny, sweet, athletic, wild, daredevil, loviNg, and a lot of other things.

Today is your day, my king, and I adore you!”

Marroquin wrote a special birthday message for his 8-year-old son Lincoln the next day.

He has a son named Lincoln with his ex-wife Kailyn Lowry, who was one of the original cast members of “Teen Mom 2.”

Marroquin, like Eli, mentioned his oldest son’s achievements in his birthday post.

“Lincoln, you’re eight years old! There aren’t enough characters to describe the kind of young man you’re becoming.

On November 16, 2021, Marroquin wrote, “You’re a leader, a great brother, sweet, kind, and so many others.”

“You’re dedicated, passionate, and I can’t wait to be your (hashtag)1 fan if the past year is any indication of what’s to come.

@lincmarroquin “I adore you, King!”

Marroquin’s Birthday Message to His Son was slammed by fans.

Fans weren’t pleased with the father-of-two’s gushing over his sons on their birthdays.

Hundreds of people upvoted and commented on a Reddit post about Marroquin’s message.

“Why does he put so much pressure on a 3-year-old to’strive to be better?’ He’s f***** 3 lol,” wrote the original poster.

One fan agreed, “Is one of Eli’s accomplishments reading?”

“I don’t believe so, so it always strikes me as odd when parents make posts for their children on social media that the children will almost certainly never see and, in some cases, won’t even be able to read if they do.”

“Tell me you live vicariously through your son without telling me you live vicariously through your son…” one social media user wrote.

“The things you accomplished at 2.,” a fourth commenter said, “what a toxic pedestal.”

Fans who wished Eli well were thanked by Comeau.

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