Teddy Bridgewater’s ‘unforgivable’ play was not the only factor in the Broncos’ defeat.


Teddy Bridgewater’s ‘unforgivable’ play was not the only factor in the Broncos’ defeat.

While Denver Broncos fans have every right to be upset about Teddy Bridgewater’s ‘unforgivable’ non-tackle in the team’s demoralizing 30-13 home loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, there were plenty of other things that went wrong that contributed to the loss.

Bridgewater initially offered a weak excuse for his lack of effort during his post-game press conference on November 14, but has since admitted to his “unacceptable” decision.

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In real time and immediately after the loss, social media pitchforks and torches were out in search of Bridgewater, but those who watched the entire game know that Bridgewater’s ‘business decision’ wasn’t the ultimate cause of the loss.

I Got Run Over

Bridgewater had a decent game, going 22-of-36 for 226 yards and no turnovers.

Bridgewater’s scarlet letter in a Broncos uniform will always be his apathetic attempt, as he betrayed the team’s trust and belief in him.

That play may have been a microcosm of the Broncos’ season in 2021, but it was far from the game’s defining issue.

The Broncos’ defense, which had dominated Ezekiel Elliot and the Dallas Cowboys a week before, holding the Pro Bowl running back to just 51 rushing yards, was the same unit that posed as imposters in the Eagles game.

The Broncos’ front-seven defense was shredded for 214 rushing yards, including 53 yards by quarterback Jalen Hurts, the NFC’s leading rusher.

Jordan Howard had 83 yards and Boston Scott added 81 for the Eagles.

During his post-game press conference, head coach Vic Fangio admitted that the Broncos have “struggled to stop the run consistently this year” and that he was “worried about that coming into the game, [which]proved itself out.”

The Eagles had seven runs of at least 10 yards, and the Broncos had given up at least 140 rushing yards twice — both losses — prior to November 14.

In Week 5, the Pittsburgh Steelers rushed for 147 yards, while the Cleveland Browns rushed for 182 yards in Denver’s Week 7 Thursday night primetime loss.

Denver has a week to fix the problem, assuming they can fix it at all…

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