The ‘Thrill’ of Nitro Rallycross is Embraced by Steve Arpin


The ‘Thrill’ of Nitro Rallycross is Embraced by Steve Arpin.

During the November 13-14 weekend at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park, Kyle Busch created buzz as the first NASCAR driver to compete in Nitro Rallycross, but he wasn’t the only stock car driver to do so.

Steve Arpin transitioned to Rallycross in 2013 and has maintained a consistent winning streak while embracing a new type of adrenaline rush.

Since transitioning from stock car racing to rallycross, the veteran driver has made 54 starts, three wins, and 13 podiums.

He began his career with Chip Ganassi Racing and now drives for Loenbro Motorsports, with HempFusion as his primary sponsor on his Hyundai i20.

“It’s so cool to me because it’s like I’m up here racing against Travis Pastrana,” Arpin said in a November 13 interview with Nokia News.

“And HempFusion believes in someone like me.”

And SCT [Performance], Yokohama [Tires], and the rest of them.

“It’s a lot of fun.”

It’s incredible to be able to work with such well-known brands and products from across the country, and to have these companies believe in someone like me who is simply pursuing my dreams.

… It’s one of those things where it’s so easy to brag about a product — and we encourage people to buy it because I use it every day.

So that’s one of the things I appreciate about our collaborators.”

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pic.twitter.commM4AL2xdGA @stevearpin

November 13, 2021 — Nitro Rallycross (@NitroRallycross)

Arpin displayed this purpose-built supercar at the Nitro Rallycross weekend in Arizona.

During one of the best heat races of the season, he held off Jamaican driver Fraser McConnell, and then he joined Travis Pastrana in a head-to-head battle bracket that capped off Saturday’s action.

He put on these shows while learning the ins and outs of a car that he had only driven once the day before the season-opening trip to Utah.

“It’s just a new everything,” Arpin explained.

“However, I believe it’s one of those things where we have nothing to lose, so we’re just going for it and having a good time.”

And I can assure you that we’re the most laid-back, good-times-having bunch in the pits.

I’m thinking…

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