Viewership of ‘Survivor’ Has Increased in Recent Episodes


Viewership of ‘Survivor’ has increased in recent episodes.

The current season of “Survivor” has seen a lot of ratings volatility; while CBS saw the show’s ratings drop for several episodes in a row, they are now on the rise.

What causes such unpredictability, and will “Survivor” be able to stabilize? Here’s a breakdown of the show’s viewership numbers.

The ratings for ‘Survivor’ have risen for two episodes in a row.

According to MediaTraffic, the show’s most recent two episodes have given it a ratings boost for the first time this season.

The audience for episode 7 – which aired on November 3 – was 5.471 million, while the audience for episode 8 (which aired last week) was 5.556 million.

The show’s ratings had been steadily declining until last week, with episode 6 attracting the lowest audience of the season, with 5.317 million viewers.

The season’s premiere also had lower ratings than last year, with only about 6 million viewers tuning in compared to nearly 7 million for season 40’s premiere.

Some fans are concerned that the show will be canceled, and former contestant Russell Hantz has spoken out about the situation, saying that the “ratings disaster” proves that the show is “going down the tubes.”

Season 40, to which Hantz – and others – compare this season’s numbers, was a legendary all-winners season that was so widely anticipated that fans were talking about it before it was officially announced.

As a result, a ratings drop from such a well-publicized season to a regular, all-newbies season (especially after a year-long hiatus due to COVID) is to be expected.

Viewership is still dropping, but not as much as it was during the most recent all-newbies season, season 39.

In fact, for any broadcast television show, let alone a show like “Survivor,” which is now in its 41st season, a consistent decline in ratings over the course of several seasons is normal.

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