Week 10 Work by the Lions Offense Receives an Unexpectedly Good Grade


Week 10 Work by the Lions Offense Receives an Unexpectedly High Grade

In Week 10, the Detroit Lions battled hard against the Pittsburgh Steelers, but only managed a tie.

As a result, some may believe that the team’s grades will remain poor for another week.

Despite this, the Lions performed admirably on the road, going toe to toe with a strong opponent for four quarters.

The Lions showed signs of life that hadn’t been seen in a few weeks, and as a result, they get some pretty high marks for their efforts.

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What grade should the Lions get for their non-loss last week? Here’s a look at the scoreboard for another week on the field.

Grade of the Lions’ Offensive Line vs.

Steelers are a team from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


Dan Campbell’s first foray into play-calling paid off handsomely, as he helped the Detroit running game gain 229 yards and two touchdowns.

In run-heavy looks, the Lions showed some brilliance by using offensive tackle Matt Nelson as an extra blocker up front.

Jared Goff had trouble throwing the ball, but that could have been due to a slick ball and bad field conditions.

More importantly for this discussion, the Lions have added depth to their ground game with Jermar Jefferson and Godwin Igwebuike, who both scored touchdowns.


— Lions of Detroit (@Lions) November 14, 2021

Igwebuike’s first career touchdown gives the Lions the lead! (hashtag)DETvsPIT

November 14, 2021 — Detroit Lions (@Lions)

Suddenly, the Lions appear to have found some serious ground game depth, with D’Andre Swift stepping up in a big way.

Those are a couple of pluses for an offense that desperately needed them.

Defensive Grade of Lions vs.

Steelers are a team based in Pittsburgh,


It may seem strange to give the Lions’ defense such a high grade, but the team did just enough, and aside from the early touchdown, the Steelers weren’t particularly dangerous for the majority of the day.

When they threatened to strike during overtime,…

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