With Teven Jenkins’ return, the Bears may see a few position swaps.


With Teven Jenkins’ return, the Bears may see a few position swaps.

Teven Jenkins, a rookie offensive lineman, returned to practice on November 15, giving the Chicago Bears a big boost.

The Bears will begin evaluating the second-round tackle this week after he had back surgery in August.

“We’ll have to get him in here and find out where he is.”

“We’ll start there because Teven hasn’t put the pads on in a while,” Bears head coach Matt Nagy said.

“For him to be able to do what he needs to do now to get back to this point, we’ll have to work through and see where he is conditioning-wise and physically.”

… But it’s a good thing to have, and we’re looking forward to getting him out there.”

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Jenkins claims that LT is his preferred mode of transportation at the moment.

After moving up in the second round to select Jenkins, the Bears planned to move him from right tackle to left tackle, where he would be the presumed starter.

Instead, the rookie underwent back surgery, and the Bears were forced to turn to the free agent market, signing 39-year-old LT Jason Peters just weeks before the season started.

Jenkins has returned to the Bears, and the team says he’ll be tested at both left and right tackle now that he’s back.

Jenkins playing at LT or RT would be an “either-or” situation, according to Bears offensive line coach Juan Castillo, who added that Jenkins started out on the left side.

“You must begin in one location.

On November 15, Castillo told Dan Wiederer of The Chicago Tribune, “Today we started him at left tackle just to get him comfortable.”

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