A Chicago alderman may make a last-ditch effort to keep the Bears in town, according to reports.


A Chicago alderman may make a last-ditch effort to keep the Bears in town, according to reports.

The latest development in the city of Chicago’s efforts to keep the Bears in town is a major one.

According to a report in the Chicago Sun-Times on November 16, Alderman George A Cardenas (12th ward), who also serves as deputy City Council floor leader to Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot, is prepared to take drastic measures to keep the team in the city.

“The city has recently acquired a casino.”

To stay in the city, we need these resources.

We also need to think of a way to entice the Bears.

Let’s buy them out if they don’t want to be here.

They can’t manage this team, I mean.

“This team hasn’t been managed well in decades,” Cardenas told the Sun-Times.

Yes, you read it correctly.

The city of Chicago is considering a strategy for purchasing the Bears and then selling shares to fans.

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Is This Even Achievable?

Cardenas appears to be desperate to keep the team in Chicago.

The Bears, of course, have purchased the sprawling Arlington Park property in Arlington Heights, and all indications are that the team will leave Chicago to construct a new stadium there.

The fact that, with the exception of the Green Bay Packers, no NFL team can become publicly owned or non-profit is a major roadblock for the city of Chicago.

The Packers were grandfathered in, and league rules require that a single controlling person or family own at least 30% of each team — something Cardenas and company will find difficult to avoid.

Cardenas may still try, according to the Chicago Sun-Times:

Cardenas’ resolution asks the City Council’s Committee on Special Events, Cultural Affairs and Recreation to ‘convene a hearing’ to authorize a ‘feasibility study on whether it is practical and advisable for the city to pursue the purchase of the Chicago Bears.’

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