A Surprising Update on Jared Goff’s Injury Status from an NFL Insider


Jared Goff’s Injury Status: A Surprising Update from an NFL Insider

Despite a grueling road matchup with the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 10, the Detroit Lions emerged relatively unscathed.

While none of the ailments appear to be long-term or season-ending, the team is in limbo with quarterback Jared Goff.

Goff suffered an oblique injury but continued to play through the pain on the field in the rain.

If that happens again in Week 11, it’ll be interesting to see.

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Tom Pelissero of NFL Network reported on Tuesday, November 16 that he believes practice this week will be crucial in determining whether or not Goff can play.

As a result, Goff’s status will remain uncertain until the team can put him to the test.

“From what I’ve heard, the Lions want to see how well Jared Goff throws the ball in practice on Wednesday.”

Pelissero says in the video clip that if he can’t throw with his core, the Lions will have to consider starting someone else for a game or two.

“Remember, they have a short week coming up because they travel to Cleveland on Sunday, then return home for Thanksgiving against the Bears.”

If it isn’t Goff, it will most likely be David Blough, a Thanksgiving legend.

Tim Boyle, their backup coming in and a free agent from Green Bay, just returned to practice last week after suffering a thumb injury during training camp.

He has a ways to go yet.”

It would be surprising if Goff was unable to play after finishing the game, but the team wants to make the best medical decision possible.

This is encouraging news as they seek their first victory of the season.

For the sake of the team, keep an eye on this case.

If Goff is unable to play, David Blough is expected to take over.

If Goff is unable to practice this week, David Blough, the team’s backup, will be the next man up.

Blough already has plenty of NFL experience.

Blough was drafted by the Cleveland Browns in the 2018 NFL Draft following his graduation from college.

He hadn’t been drafted…

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