After ‘almost’ dying last season, an ex-Raider considered retirement.


After ‘almost’ dying last season, an ex-Raider considered retirement.

Trent Brown is reviled by Raiders fans in Las Vegas.

Fans despise him for missing as many games as he played during his two years with the team and throwing shade after he left.

The Raiders hoped to keep him this season and renegotiate his contract with him.

He was traded to the New England Patriots after that didn’t work out.

It’s understandable why he refused to assist the Raiders in the long run.

Last season, Brown was expected to return from injury for a Week 8 game against the Cleveland Browns.

He was hospitalized for three days after an IV mishap allowed air into his bloodstream.

Brown has now admitted that he was on the verge of passing out and contemplated retiring from football.

Brown told NFLcom, “I almost died before we played them last year.”

“As I lay on the floor, I couldn’t help but think about my kids.”

To be honest, I considered retiring.

That was how frightening it was.

I was about to finish it.

I was fine after it calmed down a little.”

Brown, thankfully, has recovered from his mishap and is free of any lingering issues.

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Brown’s injury problems haven’t gone away.

Brown was the highest-paid right tackle in the NFL at the time when the Raiders signed him in 2019.

Given that he had never even made a Pro Bowl before signing, the deal was questioned.

When he was on the field, however, he quickly proved to be well worth his money.

Brown is the best right tackle in the NFL when he’s healthy. The problem is, he’s rarely healthy.

With the Raiders, he missed 16 games in two years, and with the Patriots, he has missed eight games this season.

He’s back on the field now, and he played last week, but it’s difficult to put your faith in him.

In his seven-year career, he’s only played a full season twice.

Brown may struggle to stay healthy for the remainder of his career.

Raiders still have a problem with right tackle.

For whatever reason, the Raiders’ right tackle position has proven to be a difficult one to solve, even for the previous…

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