Almost Quit a DWTS Season 30 Finalist


Almost Quit a DWTS Season 30 Finalist

A season 30 finalist on “Dancing With the Stars” has revealed that he almost quit the show earlier in the season.

Find out why Cody Rigsby wanted to quit and what made him reconsider, as well as how surprised and grateful he and his partner Cheryl Burke are to be a part of the finale.

Cody discussed his decision to leave the show with his friends.

Cody admitted in an interview with Page Six that getting COVID so early in the season demoralized him to the point where he almost quit the show.

“We definitely had a bumpy, rocky start to this,” Cody explained, adding, “I remember talking to my boss or a friend of mine and I was like, ‘Should I just quit? Should I not do it? I have COVID, it’s going to be so crazy.’ She was like, ‘No, do it.’

In two weeks, it’ll be a distant memory, and you’ll be fine.'”

He went on to say that he’s “so glad” he didn’t listen to his inner critic who told him he couldn’t do it.

“It was just a thought, after all.”

Those are the thoughts that come to you.

Your inner saboteur will tell you to give up.

“It’ll tell you you can’t do it,” Cody said, adding, “You have to hold ground and push back against that ego and keep pumping.”

Now Cody and Cheryl Burke are surprised to be in the finals.

Cody and Cheryl admitted to being surprised that they made it to the finals in an interview with US Weekly after advancing to the finale.

“To be honest, I’m still in shock.”

“I had no idea this was going to happen,” Cheryl said, adding, “It’s crazy.”

I’ve seen it before on a show like this, with Bobby Bones and all that, but you just never think it’ll happen to you.”

Cody went on to say that they knew it was their night to leave during the semifinals, so they had accepted the fact that they had “done the best [they]could.”

“Communication is key,” Cody said about what he’s learned about himself this season.

Trust yourself and lean on those who are there to assist you…

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