Alums of ‘Big Brother 23’ battle it out on Twitter with the official ‘Big Brother’ account.


Alums of ‘Big Brother 23’ battle it out on Twitter with the official ‘Big Brother’ account.

On November 16, the popular “Big Brother” spoilers Twitter account @spoilergirl1 had a heated exchange with two “Big Brother 23” alums, which resulted in the account deleting a controversial tweet.

Since the end of season 23, @spoilergirl1 has continued to tweet rumors about the cast, including one that claims there is a secret couple among them.

The anonymous @spoilergirl1 clapped back after houseguest Tiffany Mitchell replied to one of the account’s tweets with the word “desperate.”

What happened is depicted in screenshots from the now-deleted exchange.

“You had 750k in your hands, but you gave it to three guys who had spent the entire summer hating you.

@spoilergirl1 tweeted Mitchell, “DESPERATE WHO?”

Mitchell would have won “Big Brother 23” if she hadn’t stayed loyal to her Cookout alliance members Xavier Prather, Derek Frazier, and Kyland Young, according to the tweet.

The competition’s final two competitors were Frazier and Prather.

Mitchell came in sixth, while Young came in fourth.

Mitchell’s Defendant Was Xavier Prather

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“Yet, she still got a check,” Xavier Prather, the winner of “Big Brother 23,” wrote in response to the tweet attacking Mitchell, “Those 3 guys (including the winner…whoever he is) don’t make it without her plan, but please continue,” Prather was referring to Mitchell’s (dollar)75,000 prize for being America’s Favorite Houseguest.

“Not (hashtag)BB23 HG (houseguest) proving my point,” tweeted @spoilergirl1.

They’ll do anything for clout, especially when a large number of fans dislike them.” @Spoilergirl1 has since deleted her original tweet to Mitchell.

They patched things up with Mitchell privately, according to @spoilergirl1.

“Tiffany and I spoke via DM I am not enclosing those messages but we’re good,” the account wrote on Twitter.

“Thank you so much, @absolutelytiff.”

But for some Twitter users who had been following the drama, that wasn’t enough.

One user responded, “Girlie, this is embarrassing.”

“A ploy to get a DM (direct message) from the AFP (America’s Favorite Player) does not grant you legitimacy btw,” one person wrote.

There have been more casting rumors for ‘Celebrity Big Brother 3’.

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@Spoilergirl1 has previously revealed some of the people who are reportedly being considered for the cast of “Celebrity Big Brother 3,” including Lisa Rinna of Bravo, Clay Aiken of “American Idol,” Scott Disick of…

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