Ben Napier Gives Us A Peek Inside His ‘Girl World’


Ben Napier Gives Us A Sneak Peek Into His ‘Girl World’

Ben Napier may have recently been named one of the sexiest men alive, but his world at home revolves around his girlfriends.

He is the sole breadwinner, with his wife and “Home Town” co-host Erin sharing daughters Helen and Mae.

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Ben Napier shared a post


The 38-year-old gave fans a behind-the-scenes look at his life.

He shared a video of his wife and eldest daughter singing on November 14.

“Helen and @erinapier wanted to listen to @maggierogers tonight during dinner,” the woodworker wrote in the caption.

“Then Helen said,’sorry, daddy, you don’t live in boy world, you live in girl world,'” she continued.

And it appears that Ben is doing well in his girl world.

Helen was curled up on Erin’s lap, and Erin shared a photo of her.

“Tonight he told her, ‘A man’s job is to keep girls safe, to cherish and protect them.’ Dangit if we didn’t hit the jackpot in this house,” she wrote on Instagram.

After Ben was named one of the “Sexiest Men Alive,” Erin became “crazy.”

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Erin Napier (@erinapier) shared a post on Facebook.

The host of “Home Town: Ben’s Workshop” was included in People’s annual “Sexiest Men Alive” issue.

Erin revealed how she found out about his new job title on her Instagram account.

“Twitter just told me that my husband is one of @people’s sexiest men alive,” the graphic designer wrote. “So I went to the pharmacy in my glasses, Christmas pajamas, and house shoes and told the women behind the counter what I was looking for, because my husband is in the Sexiest Man Alive issue.”

“They nodded, but I knew they thought I was crazy.”

Congratulations,, on marrying the craziest woman at CVS!”

“Babe, my eyes are up here…” Ben joked in her comment section while playing along.

Helen, his daughter, may not be so impressed.

“At dinner, Helen said, ‘daddy, you’re so handsome, but not as handsome as Elliott,'” Ben wrote on Twitter.

“4 hours later, found out I’m in the @people magazine sexiest men list… take that Elliott,” he captioned a gif of the beloved character from “ET the Extra-Terrestrial.”

In December, new episodes of the ‘Home Town’ franchise will air.

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