Bills QB Announces Baby Name and Gender on Instagram


Bills QB Shares Baby News on Instagram, Including Name and Gender

While Mitchell Trubisky’s last few weeks have been difficult, he and his wife Hillary Trubisky shared some very exciting personal news on November 16.

A new little Bills fan is on the way!

Trubisky, 27, announced the news on Instagram with a series of photos of himself and his wife, Hillary Trubisky, whom he married over the Fourth of July weekend this year.

“Baby Trubisky coming soon! @hill_trubisky,” Trubsiky wrote in the comments section.

“Dad!” Allen exclaimed.

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Mitchell Trubisky (@mtrubisky10) shared this.

Trubisky’s Instagram post was reacted to by a slew of other NFL players.

“Baby Stallion inbound,” wrote Bills guard Ike Boettger, while Bears linebacker Khalil Mack congratulated the family.

Hillary Trubisky’s Instagram Post Revealed Their Baby’s Name and Gender

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Hillary (@hill_trubisky) shared this.

Hillary Trubisky, like her husband, announced the birth of her child on Instagram with a similar set of photos taken by photographer Samantha Dunford.

“Words cannot describe how excited we are to welcome Baby Tru into the world in May 2022,” she wrote in the caption.

Trubisky’s wife announced the child’s name as Tru in her caption, revealing that they’re expecting a girl.

“Hopefully baby tru looks like you hill,” said recently cut Bills wide receiver Austin Proehl.

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Hillary (@hill_trubisky) shared this.

Hillary is a Florida State Marketing graduate who works as a private pilates instructor. It’s unclear when she first met Trubisky.

On May 19, 2019, the former Chicago starting quarterback shared a photo with Hillary (then) Gallagher from the Bears Gala.

While this was the first time Trubisky mentioned their relationship on social media, Gallagher confirmed their relationship with a post in February 2019.

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Hillary (@hill_trubisky) shared a post on Twitter.


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