Catastrophic Flooding Affects the ‘Aurora Teagarden’ and ‘When Calls the Heart’ Sets


Catastrophic Flooding Affects ‘Aurora Teagarden’ and ‘When Calls the Heart’ Sets

The Jamestown movie set in Canada is where the Hallmark series “When Calls the Heart” is filmed.

The region was hit with major flooding and landslides shortly after season 9 wrapped filming.

Simultaneously, according to the Jamestown Twitter account, some filming locations for “Aurora Teagarden” scenes were reportedly underwater.

Flooding and evacuations have been reported near the Jamestown set of ‘When Calls the Heart.’

“When Calls the Heart” was shot on a 96-acre farm in Langley, British Columbia, known as MacInnes Farms, for the Jamestown movie set in Canada, according to I’ve Scene It on Hallmark.

When “When Calls the Heart” is not being filmed, the Jamestown movie set is used for other purposes.

On November 17, the Jamestown Movie Set posted a status update from one of the farm’s owners on Facebook, which included a photo of the show’s “Kissing Bridge” near a flash flood.

Locality Brewing contributed to this post.

Rain didn’t break the road connecting the working farm to the farmland, but it did break other roads nearby, they wrote.

They wrote, “The road did not break this time, but much larger roads broke throughout the province.”

“Water, which is the lifeblood of many farms, is now wreaking havoc on them.”

Farming is a constant struggle and the ultimate connection to the land and nature.”

According to Reuters, Canada’s Air Force was called to British Columbia on Wednesday to assist with the flooding.

Mudslides destroyed bridges, cutting off access to Vancouver’s largest port.

According to Reuters, the city of Abbotsford’s pumping station was on the verge of being overwhelmed after a month’s worth of rain fell in just two days.

Volunteers built a dam overnight around the pumping station because things were so dangerous at one point.

On Tuesday, Abbotsford residents were ordered to evacuate, but many farmers stayed to save their livestock.

According to Google Maps, MacInnes Farms is only about 29 kilometers away from Abbotsford.

It’s starting to get a little frightening out here.

Grocery stores are quickly running out of stock, and it’s unclear when they’ll be restocked; gas stations are out of gas; and farmers who can still milk their cows must dump the milk because they can’t transport it.

Those who are unable to milk their cattle can expect to lose them.

— November 17, 2021, from Jamestown Movie Set (@JamestownSet)

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