‘Glitter and Twitter, No Hitters,’ says an NFL analyst of the Rams.


‘Glitter and Twitter, No Hitters,’ says an NFL analyst of the Rams.

On Tuesday, November 16, one analyst on NFL Network’s “Good Morning Football” did not have anything positive to say about the Los Angeles Rams.

The comments follow the Rams’ embarrassing 31-10 thrashing at the hands of the San Francisco 49ers, which was the team’s second straight loss by a double-digit margin.

Kyle Brandt was the one who went off on the Rams with his verbal jabs.

Brandt’s Comments

To cut to the chase, Brandt referred to the Rams as “soft” and “glitter and Twitter.”

“There will be no hitters.”

Brandt was one of the millions who watched the then 3-5 49ers thrash the Rams in the trenches, gaining 156 rushing yards against a Ram defense that featured Von Miller in his first game on defense and Odell Beckham Jr. making his Rams debut after the prized free agent signing the Rams made last week.

Brandt began his tirade by attempting to pinpoint why the GMF team decided the Rams were championship contenders.

“I’m not sure why we decided the Rams would go to the Super Bowl at some point.”

Brandt stated, “It was decided.”

Brandt didn’t blame Matthew Stafford for the current slump, despite the fact that the Rams quarterback has thrown more interceptions (four) than touchdowns (two) in the last two games.

Brandt, on the other hand, identified the source of the issue.

“Here’s the issue: They were defeated by the Titans last week.”

‘That’s not who we are,’ Sean McVay declares.

I refuse to believe and admit that this is who we are.’ All right.

However, you return and are stomped.

Then it’s, ‘This isn’t who we are.’ Yes, it is,” Brandt said, slamming McVay.

Brandt then reminded the GMF audience that professional sports teams, particularly in the NFL, feed off the image of the city they represent.

In this case, he chastised the Rams for adopting this persona.

“Like other teams, the Rams adopt their city’s identity.

The Rams are well-known for their softness.

Brandt described them as “a Tinseltown special,” with “a lot of celebrities and a lot of headlines.”

“Right now, this is a soft team.”

Then Brandt threw a touchdown pass to the Rams.

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