In a proposed trade with the Knicks, the Mavericks would get a much-needed center.


In a proposed trade with the Knicks, the Mavericks would get a much-needed center.

As we’ve come to expect from the folks at Bleacher Report, it’s an intriguing NBA thought experiment.

This time, it was writer Zach Buckley who gave his opinion on who the Dallas Mavericks should pursue as a trade target before the trade deadline in February.

Mitchell Robinson of the New York Knicks was the pick.

The issue is that the Knicks have no plans to trade Robinson, at least not at this time.

Given the state of the Dallas center position—the Mavericks have four options, each less appealing than the last—the Mavericks would be eager to get Robinson off the Knicks’ hands.

Coach Jason Kidd has resisted the temptation to start ex-Knicks big man Kristaps Porzingis at the 5, forcing Dallas to start Dwight Powell in the middle, who is outmatched.

Robinson, on the other hand, is a limited offensive player who, in 25.8 minutes per game, averages 6.8 points and 1.7 blocks as a defensive center.

Buckley penned:

As the starting center for a New York Knicks team attempting to make consecutive playoff appearances, Mitchell Robinson has an audacious goal.

The Knicks, on the other hand, learned last season that they could survive without him, and they know that life with him will be costly in the near future, as he will need a new contract by next offseason.

Dallas should be ready to pounce if New York stagnates or refuses to pay Robinson.

As a result, we have this somewhat reasonable proposal:

Maxi Kleber, a 2022 second-round pick from Dallas, goes to the Knicks.

Mitchell Robinson and Kevin Knox have been added to the Mavericks’ roster.

Mitchell Robinson is set to be a free agent this summer.

Robinson will be a free agent this summer, and the Knicks will have to make a decision about him.

He’s making (dollar)1.8 million this season, the final year of a four-year contract, and should be able to land a deal similar to what Kings center Richaun Holmes got this year: four years and (dollar)46 million.

The Knicks want to make a run at major free agents in the future, and having an eight-figure deal on the books for Robinson would prevent them from doing so.

Robinson’s lack of durability should make the Knicks consider trading him.

Robinson was sidelined for 41 games last season due to a foot fracture.

This could pave the way for Dallas, which is currently…

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