Is Kathy Hilton Really Going on Her Honeymoon with Paris Hilton?


Is Kathy Hilton Really Going on Her Honeymoon With Paris Hilton?

On November 11, 2021, Kathy Hilton stunned as the mother-of-the-bride at her daughter Paris Hilton’s wedding.

According to Vogue, the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star attended the party in a black and white lace scalloped gown.

“I’m speechless.

I’m just exhausted… She’s my child.

It wasn’t until yesterday at rehearsal that it really hit me.

Kathy told Entertainment Tonight that she didn’t get any sleep the night before Paris’ big day.

Paris is now a married woman, and it’s time to celebrate with her new husband, so the two are planning a honeymoon trip soon.

Paris had asked Twitter for recommendations on where to go in July.

“We’ve begun planning our Honeymoon.”

We want to visit beautiful, tropical, romantic, and magical destinations.

“Any ideas?” she tweeted to her 16 million Twitter followers.

Kathy actually stated on Amazon Live earlier this month that she would be joining Paris and her husband, Carter Reum, on their honeymoon — is this true?

What you should know is this:

Kathy clarified her remarks about her Honeymoon in Paris.

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Kathy Hilton (@kathyhilton) shared an article.

Despite her closeness to her daughters (Paris and her sister, Nicky Hilton), Kathy will not be accompanying Paris and Carter on their post-wedding vacation.

At least, not exactly.

Kathy revealed in an interview with Entertainment Tonight that the family was planning a vacation before Paris and Carter left for their official honeymoon.

“Just to be clear, I will not be joining you on your honeymoon.”

“We’re going on a week-long family vacation, and then they’re off on their honeymoon,” Kathy told ET’s Lauren Zima.

Since the wedding, both Kathy and Paris have been active on social media, but neither has provided any updates on their family vacation or honeymoon.

If Kathy is in Paris with Carter, she won’t be able to film ‘RHOBH.’

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Kathy Hilton (@kathyhilton) shared an article.

The new season of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” has already begun filming, but Kathy isn’t expected to appear for at least a few weeks.

It’s unclear whether the socialite will be a part of the show’s new season, but she did…

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