Jalen Hurts of the Eagles gets ‘detailed’ advice from legendary quarterback Tom Brady.


Jalen Hurts of the Philadelphia Eagles receives “detailed” advice from legendary quarterback Tom Brady.

Jalen Hurts’ arsenal of skills includes casually mentioning legendary quarterbacks.

Peyton Manning sends him clips to review and “detailed things” to work on, according to the Philadelphia Eagles starter.

Hurts first met Manning when he was a rising sophomore at Channelview High School and attended one of Manning’s passing camps.

Hurts has maintained that relationship over the years and values whatever the Manning family has to say to him.

Peyton, Eli, Cooper, and “Mr.” were among the people he met.

Manning Passing Academy in Louisiana’s “Archie”

Hurts is a big fan of Peyton Manning’s ESPN “Detail” series.

“I keep an eye on the greats.”

Hurts told reporters, “I love good football players, I love great football plays.”

“I enjoy seeing Peyton Manning’s “Details” episodes and hearing what he has to say.

He sends them to me.

I like having a relationship with him.”

Jalen Hurts has a close friendship with Peyton Manning and his family.

Peyton sends him copies of his “Detail” breakdowns for ESPN, according to him pic.twitter.comCrRaxJqTqw

November 17, 2021 — Tim McManus (@Tim_McManus)

Hurts refused to discuss the specifics of what they discuss or what’s on the videos.

He dismissed it as “just detailed things, just football,” despite the fact that he clearly enjoys the opportunity to be associated with Football’s First Family.

Hurts explained, “We just kept that relationship going.”

“There are always little nicks here, little things I can pick their brains on.”

I treasure the Mannings and my friendship with them.”

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Devonta Smith’s matchup is described by Darius Slay.

Following an outstanding performance in Week 10, Darius Slay is the current NFC Defensive Player of the Week.

The Pro Bowl cornerback, on the other hand, has been itching to get some offensive reps.

Slay went up against DeVonta Smith at a recent practice, and the Eagles posted a viral video of it.

Smith appears to triumph over Slay in this scene.

Please don’t jump to conclusions.

The video only showed one play from their three matchups, according to Slay.

The other two went to Slay.

“This is how it went; I won two out of three times,” Slay explained.

“He keeps saying he wasn’t prepared.

When they did, however…

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