Janelle Pierzina is called out by Sarah Beth Steagall for her scathing remarks.


Janelle Pierzina is called out by Sarah Beth Steagall for her scathing remarks.

Sarah Beth Steagall was a member of the Kings team and finished ninth in season 23 of “Big Brother.”

The 28-year-old forensic chemist was chastised for backdooring Derek Xiao during her time as Head of Household, not only because Xiao was a fan favorite, but also because some fans thought it was a poor game move on her part.

Steagall, like the rest of the houseguests, was unaware of The Cookout alliance’s existence.

As a result, she had no idea that killing Xiao was the best-case scenario for the people pursuing her.

She was also unaware that Kyland Young, her closest housemate, was more committed to his secret six-person alliance than to her.

Janelle Pierzina, a four-time “Big Brother” contestant, was one of Steagall’s detractors.

Pierzina made appearances in Seasons 6, 7, 14, and 22 of the show.

Pierzina retweeted a “Big Brother” updates Twitter account when Steagall decided to go after Xiao, writing, “You ruined your game as well as his.”

Next week, you’ll follow him out the door, but I suppose you’ll leave.

Pierzina also tweeted a gif of herself celebrating when Tiffany Mitchell became Head of Household, knowing that Mitchell would target Steagall. Another user responded to Pierzina, writing, “She basically gave her HOH to Kyland.” Pierzina responded, “she has worms for brains.”

“F*** Sarah Beth and I said that s***,” she captioned the video. Steagall has spoken out about Pierzina’s comments.

Steagall expresses her dissatisfaction with Pierzina.

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Janelle Pierzina (@janellepierzina) shared a link to this post.

A fan asked Steagall about Pierzina and her “toxic stans” during a Twitch live stream on October 26. While Steagall said she didn’t know enough about Pierzina’s stans to comment on their behavior, she did take a moment to address Pierzina’s.

“I have to say, I’m very disappointed with Janelle’s behavior,” Steagall said, adding that she had hoped for “something different” from the “Big Brother” alum.

She went on to say that even if Pierzina didn’t like her as a player, she “would’ve expected different behavior.”

“If the uh, roles had been switched,” Steagall said, “I certainly would’ve given her different behavior.”

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