Kyle and Samantha Busch are expecting their second child.


Kyle and Samantha Busch are expecting their second child.

Brexton Busch is on the verge of becoming a big brother.

Kyle Busch and Samantha Busch have announced that they will have a second child in May 2022 via a gestational carrier.

The No. 1 driver is a man with a lot of experience behind the wheel.

On Tuesday, November 16, the 18 Joe Gibbs Racing Toyota released an announcement video on Twitter.

He and Samantha led Brexton into a field where a blanket was spread out next to a colossal balloon display.

They informed their son that he would be getting a present.

Brexton took out a lime and a series of ultrasound photos from a box.

Then he ran around the field with a flare that emitted pink smoke.


November 16, 2021, Kyle Busch (@KyleBusch)

Samantha explained on Instagram that the lime represented her daughter’s size during the ultrasounds.

Her daughter, she claimed, has now reached the size of an apple.

Samantha wrote on Instagram, “We are so incredibly excited to announce that our baby girl will be joining our family via a gestational carrier in May of 2022!!!!”

“After a lot of heartache and prayers, some of the most beautiful things in life happen.”

We had hoped to be able to make Brexton a big brother one day, and finally being able to tell him the exciting news was one of the most memorable moments of our lives.

“Thank you to everyone who has supported us on our journey and who, like us, hasn’t given up hope,” Samantha continued.

“We are incredibly fortunate to have such a wonderful GC to help us complete our family.

We will always be grateful to her, as well as all of you who have sent us so many encouraging messages over the years.”

Busch and Samantha have fought to make infertility discussions more normal.

On Instagram, see this photo.

Samantha Busch (@samanthabusch) shared a post.

The Busch family is celebrating a major milestone with the pregnancy announcement.

They’ve struggled with infertility for a long time and have been very forthright about it.

They have fought to normalize infertility discussions and to assist other couples in similar situations.

Samantha announced on October 2, 2018, that she and Busch would be undergoing in vitro fertilization, which is the process of fertilizing eggs with sperm from outside the body…

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