On his return from injury, Vikings quarterback Patrick Peterson sends cryptic tweet.


Patrick Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings sends cryptic tweet upon his return from injury.

Throughout his recovery, Minnesota Vikings cornerback Patrick Peterson was open about how fickle hamstring injuries can be.

In Week 6 against the Carolina Panthers, the eight-time Pro Bowler suffered a hamstring injury that he thought was just cramping.

Peterson was placed on the injured reserve list for the next three games after an MRI revealed he had pulled his right hamstring.

Peterson is still on injured reserve and has not been activated.

He has, however, detailed his recovery process on the All Things Covered podcast and appears to be on the verge of returning to play.

On Monday, he teased a possible return with a hype, entrance video on his Twitter account, implying a return in time for the Vikings’ Week 11 game against the Green Bay Packers.

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@Vikings pic.twitter.comkT9OT5X5Nh @Vikings pic.twitter.comkT9OT5X5Nh @Vikings pic.

— November 16, 2021, Patrick Peterson P2 (@P2)

Peterson is hopeful that he will be able to return.

On Monday’s All Things Covered podcast, Peterson talked about how far he’s pushed his hamstring as he approaches the first week he’ll be eligible to return from the injured reserve list.

Peterson said, “Rehab has been going great.”

“I’ve been following the advice of the team doctors.

I’m hoping to be cleared to practice on Wednesday, and we’ll take it from there.”

Peterson has run up to 18 mph, which he claims is 70 percent of his top-end speed, which he hopes to display against the Packers on Sunday.

“I haven’t kicked it into full gear yet,” he explained, “but I got it good enough that I had no complaints getting up to 17-18 mph on land.”

“I’m trying to figure out how my hamstring will hold up at that speed.”

Former Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Bryant McFadden, Peterson’s co-host and cousin, asked optimistically if Peterson will be on a pitch count when he plays Sunday.

When is the keyword.

“None of that has been discussed with me, but I’m the type of guy who, when I’m out there, I’m out there,” Peterson said, implying that he will not play Sunday.

“Unless I can’t go any longer, I’m going to have to be pulled off.”

I’m going to be out there if I get a chance to play on Sunday.”

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