On national television, Philip Rivers roasts Ravens offensive coordinator John Harbaugh.


On national television, Philip Rivers roasts Ravens offensive coordinator John Harbaugh.

The Baltimore Ravens may be looking to move on from their humiliating loss to the Miami Dolphins last Thursday, but former Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers had a few thoughts during Monday Night Football’s national broadcast between the Rams and the 49ers last night.

Rivers was a guest on Peyton and Eli Manning’s hit ESPN show, ‘Manning Cast,’ in which the two brothers bring their combined 33 years of NFL experience to the broadcast booth with a wide range of celebrity guests.

The Mannings spend Monday night games combining traditional commentary with interviews and stories from their and their guests’ careers.

During the Rams-49ers game, the topic of blitzes and how to stop them came up, allowing Rivers to share his thoughts on the Ravens’ Thursday night loss.

Rivers said it was “good to know” during Manning’s career that he had blitz-counters in his playbook, citing the “Sluggo” route as particularly effective against the blitz.

Despite the Dolphins defense’s relentless blitzing, the Ravens didn’t appear to be running that particular concept on Thursday night.

Philip Rivers roasted Ravens offensive coordinator Greg Roman for not calling Slant-And-Go routes against the Dolphins Zero Blitzes last Thursday. pic.twitter.comLagJiN170q

— November 16, 2021, TWDTV (@TWDTV1)

“It didn’t seem like [the Ravens]were going to do anything with it,” Rivers said, citing the Dolphins’ “30-something times” blitzing of the Ravens.

What exactly is a ‘Sluggo?’

Rivers mentioned the ‘Sluggo’ concept, which is a portmanteau of slant-and-go in which a receiver runs a’slant’ route before turning upfield on a vertical ‘go’ route.

Against the Philadelphia Eagles, Amari Cooper of the Dallas Cowboys runs a Sluggo to perfection.

With his patented sluggo, Amari Cooper transports Rasul Douglas to another world.

Amari, my god pic.twitter.com5lNrOmoiTT

— Austin Gayle (@PFF_AustinGayle) on the 21st of October, 2019.

Cornerbacks should expect receivers to cut inside off the line of scrimmage because slants are a common playcall against the blitz.

The Sluggo route allows fast wideouts like Marquise ‘Hollywood’ Brown of the Ravens to blow past their matchups and get open downfield without the help of a safety over the top.

As a result, offenses can gain significant ground against blitzes, forcing defenses to…

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