On ‘The Challenge,’ Leroy Garrett Addresses Racism.


On ‘The Challenge,’ Leroy Garrett Speaks Out Against Racism

Leroy Garrett of “The Challenge” released a powerful video on Instagram on November 15 in which he spoke out about a racist incident that occurred on the show a few seasons ago and the long-term impact that the incident, as well as the producers’ and network’s inaction, had on his conscience and mental health.

During Leroy’s 30-minute video, he rewatched the episode and discussed what was going through his mind as his co-star Camila Nakagawa became violent, aggressive, and made comments about the color of his skin, and the producers failed to intervene.

He began by saying that he wanted to leave “The Challenge” after that season and speak out about what happened.

“To tell you the truth, a lot of me was afraid, a part of me stayed with the franchise because of the money, and I was just lost,” he told fans.

“I forgive you,” he said, “for the way you handled it.” He said the Leroy he is today would never have put up with what happened and told his past self, “I forgive you.”

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He mentioned several times during the episode when he was attempting to defuse the situation, but now wishes he had said more.

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When Leroy and others were talking about putting someone into elimination and said “her,” Camila, who was standing near the doorway and very inebriated, started asking if they were talking about her.

The entire episode is available on Paramount Plus, but here’s a clip from the scene in question.

Leroy explained that he was attempting to defuse the situation at the time.

Camila told him on camera that he had never won anything in “The Challenge” before yelling, “You’re a Black motherf***** p****.” Leroy recapped that he thought to himself, “Wait a minute, someone I work with is talking to me like this on camera? Even though you’re drunk, why would the color of my skin even come out of your mouth, like why is that what you see…

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