Real Housewives of New York City Star in a Blowout Fight on a Plane


Real Housewives of New York City Star in a Blowout Fight on a Plane

During the filming of “Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip,” two Real Housewives stars got into a big fight on a plane.

The first episode of RHUGT began with a massive blowout fight between Ramona Singer of RHONY and Kenya Moore of RHOA.

The entire thing was caught on RHUGT’s first episode, which aired two days ahead of schedule on November 16, 2021.

Here’s what you’ll need to know:

Ramona’s Flight Remarks Were ‘Unacceptable,’ According to Kenya.

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Kenya Moore (@thekenyamoore) shared this.

Kenya accused Ramona of flirting with men while she was still married to Mario while the ladies were on a private jet to their 8-day vacation in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Ramona screamed at Kenya, “I was getting f***ed divorced bitch!”

Kenya responded, “Excuse me? Why are you calling me a bitch, what’s wrong with you?”

“That’s inexcusable.”

You’re not going to call me a bitch on this trip.

Bitch, I don’t know how f***ed up you are in New York, but we’re not doing this.”

Melissa Gorga of the Real Housewives of New Jersey intervened and urged Ramona to apologize to Kenya for her remarks.

“I’m sorry, perhaps I’m misinterpreting it, and I apologize,” Ramona said to Kenya.

Ramona’s remark to Kenya has been dubbed “racist” by fans.

(hashtag)RHUGT pic.twitter.comxUZ1XUf9Lu Ramona being racist and acting like a child

— November 17, 2021, Corey Gillis (@axxstin)

During the fight with Ramona, she was also called a bitch.

Kenya “Porsha,” a different Black star on RHOA, and Kenya famously don’t get along.

On the show, Ramona admitted, “I don’t really know Kenya.”

“Porsha is the only person I know.”

This season, I haven’t watched much of the show.”

In her confessional, Kenya gave Ramona some credit, saying, “I think it was an honest mistake… but she shouldn’t do it again.”

People online, ironically, predicted Ramona would do just that. “The funny thing is, I was looking at things online of all of us coming here,” Kyle Richards explained.

“And they said [Ramona] was going to start calling Kenya ‘Porsha,’ which I didn’t understand until today.”

Fans were quick to criticize her mislabeling after the episode aired…

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