Russell Westbrook, a star for the Los Angeles Lakers, has received some harsh criticism from DeMar DeRozan.


Russell Westbrook, a star for the Los Angeles Lakers, has received some harsh criticism from DeMar DeRozan.

The Los Angeles Lakers were linked to a number of notable players during the offseason.

DeMar DeRozan was one of the names that kept coming up.

The four-time All-Star from Los Angeles appeared to be a natural fit for the team.

In fact, he was fairly certain he’d be joining his hometown team.

He played his first game with the Chicago Bulls against the Los Angeles Lakers on Monday.

He had the opportunity to delve into why he didn’t sign with the team during the offseason.

“I had the impression that going to the Lakers was a done deal and that we’d figure it out.”

“I was going to come home,” DeRozan told Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports.

“Things just didn’t work out on the business side.”

A few things didn’t line up.

It was a bust.

It’s all part of the game.

My next choice was unquestionably Chicago.

In retrospect, it was a good decision.

“However, there is always motivation.”

It could simply be to return home and compete against teams you grew up watching in front of friends and family.

You have a lot of different motivations, and you try to channel that energy into the game.

I find that in every game, but especially when you’re playing in your hometown, you want to play well and put on a great show.”

DeRozan led the Spurs to a 121-103 victory over the Lakers.

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DeRozan Talks About Why The Lakers Went With Westbrook Instead Of Him

DeRozan might be on the team right now if the Lakers hadn’t traded for Russell Westbrook.

It’s understandable why the team made the decision they did based on their previous achievements.

DeRozan has never been an MVP or a cultural icon in the same way that Westbrook has.

Despite his early season struggles, he understands why the Lakers selected him and has not taken a shot at the team.

DeRozan told Yahoo Sports, “No, Russ is a Hall of Fame player.”

“It’s difficult to pass up a player of that caliber.

I can’t speak for the Lakers, but they did what they felt was in their best interests.

And credit where credit is due…

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