Some fans believe ‘The Voice’ contestants were cheated out of a top 11 spot.


Some fans believe ‘The Voice’ contestants were cheated out of a top 11 spot.

Some “The Voice” fans believe that the two top 13 singers who did not advance to the top 11 were robbed of their place in the competition by less talented singers.

The following contains spoilers for the episode of “The Voice” that aired on Tuesday, November 16.

Three artists competed in the Wildcard Instant Save to earn the most votes in order to advance to the top 11 on the top 11 reveal episode.

Following Monday night’s episode, the other ten artists in the top 11 received the most votes.

Ryleigh Plank from Team Ariana, Shadale from Team Legend, and Gymani from Team Kelly were the three artists who competed.

Some fans were dissatisfied with the outcome.

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NBC’s The Voice (@nbcthevoice) shared a tweet.

With such a large pool of talented artists, some artists who fans believe deserve to be in the competition will be sent home each week.

Following the round of performances, Gymani delivered and was promoted to the top 11, eliminating both Shadale and Ryleigh Plank.

It was a letdown for fans of those artists.

One person tweeted, “Me and my mother just yelled at our tv @musicbyryleigh was ROBBED (hashtag)TheVoice.”


“Shadale was robbed,” one person wrote, “but thank God yall did the right thing and voted Gymani through!! yall better vote for homegirl next week it’s criminal she was even in the bottom 3 (hashtag)TheVoice.”

Others believed Shadale made poor song selections, which led to her elimination from the competition.

“Oh, Shadale didn’t do so well with the Instant Save.

Oh no.

She was irritated throughout the show and sounded like she was fed up with it.

“(hashtag)TheVoice,” one Twitter user said.

“Shadale… song selections did you in,” one viewer wrote.

You’d still be there if you’d chosen a Mary J. Blige ballad or something similar.

Please do stuff like that when you get a record deal.”

Some viewers believed Ryleigh should leave as well.

One user wrote, “Thank God Ariana fans had the foresight to let Ryleigh go.”

Another critic said, “Ryleigh is pitchy, especially when it comes to high notes.”

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