Under one condition, the Miami Heat would be interested in signing an All-Star.


Under one condition, the Miami Heat would be interested in signing an All-Star.

If there’s one thing we know about Miami Heat president Pat Riley, it’s that he’s always on the lookout for new opportunities and deals.

He’s also hoping to complete this new version of the Heat in order to bring another NBA championship to Downtown Miami, as he’d like to build yet another outstanding team capable of perennially contending in the league.

According to reports, All-Star point guard John Wall is one name that has emerged as a particularly enticing prospect.

The former Washington Wizards star is mired and disgruntled with the Houston Rockets, and a move is still a possibility.

If the circumstances are right, he could be one of the players that many teams want.

According to the Miami Herald, he would be considered if the circumstances were favorable to both parties.

If it is correct, there is a caveat.

Is it proper for Wall to come to the heat?

This is an excellent question to pose because Wall is a player who has long been associated with South Florida; he enjoys visiting the area and has a home here that he visits during the offseason.

Isn’t this a pre-programmed response?

It’s a little more complicated than that, though.

If Miami were to become adamant about bringing in John Wall, they would have to deal with a slew of issues, the first of which is that Kyle Lowry has already been offered a three-year deal, and Victor Oladipo is set to return from his injury soon.

If the Heat do end up acquiring the All-Star guard, there are now other issues that are out of their control.

What Will It Take For The Heat To Get Wall?

Any team willing to trade for the former Kentucky star knows that he has the ability to take a team to the next level, as evidenced by Wall’s career numbers.

Miami was one of the teams that was constantly rumored to be interested in signing Wall, but things did not go as planned.

However, there is one factor that would prompt Miami to act quickly: if the Rockets decide to buyout Wall’s contract, it would…

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