What Carole Baskin Says Could Have Been the Cause of Her Husband’s Death


What Carole Baskin Says Could Have Been the Cause of Her Husband’s Death

“Tiger King” is returning to Netflix for a second season, reigniting interest in Carole Baskin’s former husband Don Lewis’s disappearance.

In a Reddit AMA, which stands for “Ask Me Anything,” she directly addresses the rumors.

Baskin and Lewis had a decade-long affair, according to CBS News, before he divorced his first wife Gladys in 1990.

The following year, the couple married and founded Wildlife on Easy Street, an animal sanctuary.

Big Cat Rescue was the name that was given to the organization later on.

At the time of his disappearance, their relationship was rocky, according to CBS News.

Lewis went missing on August 19, 1997, and his body was discovered in 2002.

According to the publication, his van was the only piece of evidence found at a nearby airport.

What you should know is this:

Lewis, according to Baskin, was killed in a plane crash.

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Carole Baskin (@carolebaskincat) shared this.

“What do you think happened to your missing husband?” asked one Reddit user, addressing the elephant in the room.

The former “Dancing With the Stars” contestant reacted by speculating that he died in a plane crash.

Baskin wrote, “Don loved to fly and was looking to buy ultralights and experimental planes.”

“For a variety of reasons, I believe Don crashed a small experimental plane or ultralight into the Gulf.”

Lewis, she claimed, flew frequently despite his lack of a pilot’s license, and did so without filing flight plans to avoid detection.

“He had to fly under 200 feet to stay off the radar,” the 60-year-old continued, “which means he’d usually fly out over the Gulf because the air is smoother there, whereas over land there are up and down drafts that will crash you at the height.”

I believe this was the most likely scenario because his phone records indicated he was planning to go to Texas, his van was discovered at a small private airstrip, and we have never found Don or wreckage.”

Baskin was accused by Joe Exotic of feeding Lewis to the Tigers.

Despite Baskin’s denials, rumors persist that he was involved in his disappearance.

In his song “Here Kitty Kitty,” Joseph “Joe Exotic” Maldonado-Passage, the star of “Tiger King,” accuses Baskin of feeding her husband to tigers.

“We feed our tigers beef, chicken, turkey, rat, and rabbits and they…,” she wrote on Reddit, explaining the tigers’ diets.

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