Two All-Pro Quarterbacks are available as ‘options’ for the Browns next season.


Two All-Pro Quarterbacks are ‘Options’ for the Browns next season.

Next Season, the Browns have ‘Options’ for two All-Pro Quarterbacks.

The Cleveland Browns must decide on Baker Mayfield, and NFL insider Jay Glazer believes the team isn’t sold on the former No. 1 overall pick.

The number one selection overall.

The number one overall pick will be made in the future.

The Browns will evaluate their options for next season, according to Glazer, who said on Wednesday’s Pat McAfee show that veteran All-Pro quarterbacks like Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers are among them.

Glazer told the former Colts punter, “I believe the Browns will look at all of their options at the end of the year.”

“Right now, it’s a catch-22 because they see him and think, ‘OK, we can win with this guy,’ but there will be a lot of veteran [quarterbacks]up for grabs in the offseason.”

@JayGlazer (hashtag)PatMcAfeeShowLIVE pic.twitter.comc2JPnrc3zO “I think the Cleveland Browns will look at all of the quarterback options available this offseason.. they are a winning football team with Baker Mayfield, though.”

Pat McAfee (@PatMcAfeeShow) on November 17th, 2021

That’s when Glazer revealed that both Rodgers and Wilson are unhappy with their current situations and, depending on how their seasons play out, could be available in the offseason.

The Seahawks have a 3-6 record with Wilson out of the lineup.

Mayfield has a chance with the Browns.

That isn’t to say Mayfield won’t have a chance in Cleveland.

The Browns picked up his fifth-year option, which means he’ll be back next season.

However, due to a slew of injuries, the team won’t be able to tell how far he’s progressed in Year 4, so they’ll have to carefully consider their options.

“When they look at who’s available, what guys they can get in a trade, what guys they can get in the draft,” Glazer said, “they think Baker is the better long-term option.”

Mayfield has thrown for 1,990 yards, nine touchdowns, and four interceptions this season.

Mayfield’s play has been hit-or-miss, as has the Browns’ overall record of 5-5.

Mayfield has always emphasized one thing when asked about his long-term prospects in Cleveland: winning.

“I’m worried about my odds of winning.”

The issue is…

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