Erik Spoelstra praised the “simplified” Heat after their victory over the Pelicans.


Erik Spoelstra lauded the “simplified” Heat after their victory over the Pelicans.

The Miami Heat are well aware that victories over the New Orleans Pelicans are unlikely to be remembered, but they do solidify their position as one of the best teams in the Eastern Conference.

The 113-98 victory also revealed the team’s personality.

Going back to the basics and keeping things simple can help the thought process and muscle memory kick in more quickly, especially when things aren’t going well.

That, combined with the absences of players like Bam Adebayo, Markieff Morris, and Kyle Lowry, would have allowed Miami to lose despite a strong second half that saw them turn a 15-point deficit into a 15-point victory.

Coach Erik Spoelstra was ecstatic with the team’s performance and lavished praise on them after their win at FTX Arena in Downtown Miami on Wednesday night.

“In the first quarter, we didn’t defend as well as we should have….

After the game, Spoeltra said, “It kind of sped us up offensively.”

Erik Spoelstra, on the other hand, exuded confidence in his team and in their ability to succeed, and he had a simple explanation for their second-period improvement.

“We simplified it in the second quarter.

Jimmy’s mitts were hit by the ball.

“We used him to our advantage.”

Herro’s Transformation From Zero to “Ignitable” Herro’s Transformation From Zero to “Ignitable” Herr

Despite a shaky start, which included three turnovers in only his third game at point guard, Tyler Herro dominated the game in the second half, scoring all but two of his 19 points there.

In the third period, he “accidentally” scored a three after sending a lob to Jimmy Butler.

When asked about that particular play, Butler joked, “This is why (Herro) is a shooting guard and not a point guard. That pass was horrible, but he is a basket getter.”


November 18, 2021 — Miami HEAT (@MiamiHEAT)

When asked about the situation, Herro said, “We just slowed it down and played to our strengths.”

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