Erika Jayne Says Mauricio Umansky Apologizes


Erika Jayne Says Mauricio Umansky Apologizes

Kyle Richards said her husband, Mauricio Umansky, apologized to Erika Jayne after he laughed on camera about her ex-husband and their personal issues.

After Erika told him she was “hurt” by a RHOBH dinner scene featuring the Umanskys, Dorit and PK Kemsley, Mauricio apologized to the “Pretty Mess” singer, according to the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star.

Kyle said, “We did talk about it, and it did hurt her feelings.”

“And Mauricio spoke with Erika and PK as well.”

Mauricio went on to say that while he apologized, he didn’t mean to mock the former “Chicago” star.

“I apologized to her,” Mauricio said. “PK and I both apologized to her.”

“And the truth is, we weren’t making fun of her; we were just having a really funny conversation.”

Kyle then issued a warning to her 25-year-old husband to stop abusing her.

She said, “Better to stop while you’re ahead.”

“They apologized, we apologized, and we moved on,” says the narrator.

“I was perplexed.”

Erika’s story of her husband’s car accident and other ‘unbelievable’ claims made the two couples laugh.

Kyle and Dorit talked to their husbands about Erika’s claims about her estranged husband, Tom Girardi, during a dinner party scene that aired on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” in September 2021.

Erika claimed that her elderly ex confronted a robber at his Pasadena estate and was rushed to the hospital with an eye injury he sustained during the confrontation, which the foursome rehashed.

Erika also claimed that when her police officer son went to check on his stepfather, he ended up flipping his car multiple times on Pasadena’s snowy roads.

After Erika told a story about her ex-husband flipping his car outside their house a few years ago and being knocked out for 12 hours, he was fired.

Because of Tom’s age and the length of time he had been unconscious, Erika refused to allow a doctor to operate on his brain.

He allegedly suffered an ankle injury, according to her.

PK Kemsley speculated during the dinner party that Erika’s bizarre stories were part of a coverup orchestrated by Tom Girardi, and he noted that two family members having car rolling accidents was nearly impossible.

“If a doctor…,” Mauricio agreed, “there’s lies all over the place.”

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