Following her fiancée’s arrest, Brooke Wehr posts a cryptic quote.


Following her fiancé’s arrest, Brooke Wehr posts a cryptic quote.

Following her fiance Joby Barr’s arrest in November 2021, “Teen Mom 2” alum Brooke Wehr took to Instagram to share a quote about acceptance and letting go.

Barr was arrested on “four counts of sexual battery against a 17-year-old former student” at a high school where he used to coach on Friday, November 5, according to Ok! Magazine.

Barr groomed the victim, now 18 years old, while she was a minor, according to The Sun.

“[The student] and Coach Barr began meeting and going to Coach Barr’s residence,” according to the incident report obtained by The Sun.

The student stated in the report that she decided to come forward because she realized “he was grooming her into a sexual relationship and taking advantage of the situation,” and that “they had consensual sex on four separate occasions.”

Barr was released on bail on November 9, 2021, and his trial is scheduled for January 11, 2022, according to The Sun.

After Joby’s arrest, Brooke makes a cryptic Instagram post.

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Brooke Wehr (@bwehr10) shared a post.

According to an August 2021 article published in The Sun, Brooke and Joby got engaged after dating for over a year.

Brooke shared several photos of her engagement ring on Instagram, which she later deleted.

“I’m still in awe over this weekend,” she wrote in the caption.

The Sun reported, “I can’t wait to marry my best friend.”

Brooke posted a cryptic quote after her fiance was arrested in November 2021 on Instagram.

A photo of the former MTV star in front of a mirror was shared by the former MTV star.

Accept what IS, let go of what WAS, and have faith in what WILL BE,” she wrote in the caption.

“Teen Mom” fans expressed their opinions on Joby’s arrest in a November Reddit thread.

“Oh jeez this poor girl can’t catch a break,” one Reddit user said of Brooke.

“Now I’m rooting for Brooke and Jeremy to get back together,” another user commented. Jeremy is Brooke’s ex-fiance.

The couple was featured on MTV’s “Teen Mom 2.”

Brooke and Jeremy’s breakup was a disaster.

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Brooke Wehr (@bwehr10) shared this post.

Brooke was previously involved with “Teen Mom 2” star Jeremy Calvert before her engagement to Joby Barr.

In the year they began dating,

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