Jax Taylor Is Still Hooking Up With Kristen Doute, According to Fans


Jax Taylor Is Still Hooking Up With Kristen Doute, According To Fans

Fans are still talking about Jax Taylor and Kristen Doute, despite the fact that they are no longer on “Vanderpump Rules.”

In fact, according to a popular fan theory, Jax and Kristen hooked up more than once, and that they are still hooking up today.

While this rumor may or may not be true, some fans believe there is more to Jax and Kristen’s relationship than meets the eye.

Kristen admitted to sleeping with Jax while dating his best friend, Tom Sandoval, in season two of “VPR.”

Kristen revealed the affair in her book, “He’s Making You Crazy.”

“I didn’t feel like I deserved any sort of platform to speak my mind about it or say my piece,” she told Us Weekly in May 2020.

While Jax and Kristen have insisted that their couch hookup was a one-time thing, a number of fans disagree.

Here’s what you should be aware of:

Some fans believe Jax and Kristen have made up and are still dating.

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Jax (@mrjaxtaylor) shared a post.

Despite the fact that Jax is married to Brittany Cartwright and they have a child together, some fans believe there is still something going on between Jax and Kristen.

On a thread about the fan theory, one Redditor wrote, “Why do you think he mows [Kristen’s] lawn? I’ve always thought they had an arrangement.”


More people joined the conversation, with many speculating that Jax and Kristen are still sleeping together.

“I’m also completely on board with this theory; they definitely give away that something is still going on.”

Another Redditor commented, “I also don’t see the chemistry with Kristen’s new boyfriend – feels like she’s settling.”

A fourth Reddit comment read, “I believe she is still sleeping with him to this day.”

“I’m right there with you…I believe I’m the other topic,” someone said.

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