Jimmie Ward responds to the 49ers legends who have criticized the team.


Jimmie Ward Reacts to 49ers Legends’ Criticism

Jimmie Ward of the San Francisco 49ers has been unflappable this week, intercepting two passes in a Monday Night Football romp, plotting retaliation against Odell Beckham Jr., and now responding to two legendary 49ers’ criticism.

The veteran safety was made aware of comments made by Steve Young and Jerry Rice while appearing on the morning edition of “Murph and Mac Show” on KNBR 680 AM in the Bay Area on Wednesday, November 17.

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On November 10, Young appeared on the radio network’s “Tolbert, Krueger, and Brooks” show, revealing a conversation he had with a receiver to whom he once threw touchdown passes while both were attending a charity event.

Young stated,

“I say, ‘What do you think?’ He says, ‘There are no dogs,’ and I have to interpret,” Young said on the show.

“There aren’t any dogs on that island,” says the narrator.

Ward responded with a clap back to the franchise and NFL legends.

“I respected their game when they played, but they’re not playing anymore,” Ward said on “Murph and Mac.”

They need to speak up, and they need to grab the attention of the media.

When you take your cleats off, it’s kind of like that.”

“I’m pretty sure they’ve seen the movie and know who the dogs are.”

Jerry Rice and Steve Young criticized the 2021 49ers, and Jimmie Ward respondedhttps:t.covQuCCV4ZpI pic.twitter.comooSEIam04h.

— November 18, 2021, 49ers on NBCS (@NBCS49ers)

Ward claims they’re both attempting to ‘pull the headlines.’

Ward, a talkative 30-year-old, then attempted to clarify what he believed the 49er legends had said about the “there are no dogs” statement.

“If I’m not mistaken, they said ‘not enough dogs.’ I don’t think they said ‘no dogs,’ because I believe we would lose a lot more games if there were no dogs,” Ward said.

“Winning games is difficult when there are no dogs on the field.”

Ward also believes Young and Rice have seen enough footage of the 2021 49ers.

Ward went on, “And I’m pretty sure they watch the movie.”

“They can tell who’s a dog and who isn’t.”

They’re basically…

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