Jimmy Garoppolo Goes Off On A 49ers Teammate Who’s ‘Played His A** Off’


Jimmy Garoppolo Praises 49ers Teammate Who’s ‘Played His A** Off’

When facing a Los Angeles Rams defense that averaged 3.1 sacks per game entering Monday Night Football at Levi’s Stadium, Jimmy Garoppolo was only sacked once.

Taylor Rapp, not newcomer outside linebacker Von Miller, nor the Rams’ top pass rusher and most tenacious trench defender Aaron Donald, was the one who took down San Francisco 49ers starter Colin Kaepernick.

Jimmy G wore a uniform that was free of grass stains and had no contact with Donald when he left Levi’s.

How? A strong offensive line performance, which included one teammate who “played his a** off” against the reigning NFL Defensive Player of the Year, as the quarterback put it to the Bay Area media on Wednesday.

Garoppolo Applauds Daniel Brunskill

According to Pro Football Focus, the 6-foot-5, 300-pound right guard from San Diego State passed blocked on 21 plays.

Brunskill was in charge of Donald when he kicked inside to the “B” gap, sometimes with only a little help from an extra blocking back against the Rams’ menacing bull.

Brunskill, on the other hand, holds the distinction of being one of the few linemen who did not surrender a sack when lined up over “AD,” particularly in solo battles.

For fear of provoking Donald, Garoppolo was hesitant at first to praise the 27-year-old’s play.

“We have to be careful not to give Dan too much here,” Garoppolo said.

But then came Jimmy G’s next scathing remark.

“No, man,” Garoppolo said, “Dan played his a** off.”

“He genuinely did.”

Garoppolo was able to quickly get rid of the ball thanks to the 49ers’ offensive scheme, which saw Jimmy G fire the ball out in less than three seconds, according to David Lombardi of The Athletic.

Pressures allowed by the 49ers vs.

PFF Rams…

2Alex Mack: 1Tom Compton: 2Laken Tomlinson: 2Daniel Brunskill: 2

Jimmy Garoppolo’s average time from snap to release was 2.3 seconds, which was the second-fastest of his career.

Given the opponent, this was a quick game by design.

November 16, 2021, by David Lombardi (@LombardiHimself)

Brunskill’s upper-body physicality and blocking discipline on Donald, of course, made it possible.

Brunskill is expected to play well regardless of the defender, according to Garoppolo.

“That’s the Dan we’re looking for, man.”

Garoppolo explained, “He’s done it before.”

“When you’re placed in a…

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