Katie Thurston Shares Heartbreaking Song About Michael Allio, She Says


Katie Thurston performs a heartfelt song about Michael Allio, which she claims is inspired by him.

Day 7 of Katie Thurson’s “12 Days of Messy” is November 18, 2021.

The former “Bachelorette” star has chosen one son from Taylor Swift’s album “Red (Taylor’s Version)” for each of the 12 men she dated during her season of the hit ABC dating show.

Thurston’s first selection was “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” a song dedicated to her ex-fiance, Blake Moynes.

Thurston’s season villain, Thomas Jacobs, chose “I Knew You Were Trouble,” earning her an unfollow from Jacobs’ current girlfriend, Becca Kufrin.

Michael Allio will now take the stage.

Thurston gave fans a heads up on this one on November 17, 2021.

When it came to the song dedication lineup, Allio was one of two guys who piqued fans’ interest the most.

Greg Grippo, on the other hand.

“I’m here to tell you that Michael is coming tomorrow during the ’12 Days of Messy.'”

Thurston said on Instagram Stories, “I’m not ready for this.”

What you should know is this:

‘Almost Do’ was Thurston’s choice for Allio.

Thurston paid tribute to Allio by performing one of Swift’s most moving songs.

“Almost Do” is a song about someone who is still thinking about another person and is almost in love with them.

It’s about unresolved feelings.

And, evidently, this is the TSwift song that Thurston associates with Allio the most.

“I just wanted to let you know something.”

I’m fighting every fiber of my being not to call you.

And I wish I could hurry up and get to you.

And I hope you understand when I don’t.

The lyrics read, “I almost do.”

“I’m sure you believe I’ve moved on or that I despise you.”

Because you don’t get a response every time you reach out.

“I bet it never occurred to you that I can’t say ‘Hello’ to you without risking another goodbye,” continues the chorus.

Thurston and Allio ended their relationship before the finale of “The Bachelorette,” when Allio chose to self-eliminate.

After speaking with his son, James, he felt compelled to return home to be with him.

Thurston and Allio’s emotional farewell was heartbreaking, and many fans could see that there was something special between them.

Regrettably, the two never had the chance to really…

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